What Does It Mean to Post Bail?

Are you or someone close to you dealing with stressful legal trouble? We understand how stressful and upsetting this can get, and that’s why our team is here and ready to help. When you need assistance with handling bail and custody release, going to court dates, lawyers, and the stress of being arrested, check out our blog and video below. We can offer resourceful information about the pre trial investigation, what bail denied means, what to do if you can’t afford to pay the bail, and dealing with a bail violation. Dealing with different law situations can be overwhelming, but luckily, with the right team, you can feel at ease. You can also ensure that you understand the situations that you’re dealing with.

The Chicago Innocence Project is proud to serve as your trusted legal resource, and you can ensure you’ll receive the qualified information to help get you through your legal situation. We’ll answer top questions about paying your full bail using cash, what the legal process looks like following your arrest, why the hearing is vital, and reaching out and working with a bondsman. If you still have questions following the video and content below, feel free to contact us.

In this video titled “How to Post Bail,” the viewer is presented with a comprehensive guide on the nuanced process of securing release after being arrested on criminal charges. The sequence begins with an initial court hearing where the judge determines the bail amount; an essential monetary commitment to guarantee the accused’s appearance on the designated court date. If the accused possesses the full bail amount in cash, prompt payment to the court results in release from custody.

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However, for those unable to afford the entire bail sum upfront, the video advises reaching out to a bail bondsman. These professionals typically charge a 10% fee, accepting collateral if necessary. Importantly, funds paid to the bondsman are non-refundable. In instances where the accused cannot meet the 10% requirement, the video suggests exploring payment plans or involving a friend or relative as a co-signer.


A crucial emphasis in the video centers on the imperative of attending the scheduled court date to avert forfeiting the bail money and potentially incurring additional charges. This comprehensive walkthrough of the bail posting process aims to provide practical insights, ensuring a clearer understanding of individuals navigating the legal intricacies following criminal charges. The detailed and systematic guidance in the video serves as a valuable resource for those grappling with the complexities of the legal system in such situations.


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