Looking for a solicitor who deals with fraud? Red flags to look out for

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Have you or your business been accused of fraud? Do you need to find someone to represent you quickly?

It is not a common practice to look for a legal expert in the area of fraud, so for many people, it can be a bit like navigating a jungle without a compass. This article aims to highlight red flags to keep an eye out for when looking to help you find the right solicitor.

Bad reviews

The first thing you need to do when looking for a fraud solicitor is to go online and look through the reviews. And, like most things, if the reviews are not great, do not choose that legal team!

This is a reason why it may sometimes pay to look for smaller legal firms; it is often the case that what they lack in size they make up for in effort, and you may find that they have the most consistently high reviews. But there are some excellent large legal practices too.

No contact information

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Business cards are great, and there is a reason why most professionals still hand them out. As they provide you with their working hours and their contact information, they can be slotted into your pocket.

But, if after leaving the meeting with your fraud representative, they give you no way to contact them in an emergency, this is a red flag and should prompt you to look for someone else.

Mixed information

The core purpose of meeting with solicitors to defend your fraud case is that they can build a picture of what has happened and can offer you guidance and advice with the hope of representing you.

And in the initial meeting, you can expect it to be more of a brainstorming session, with questions being asked and notes being taken. But, one thing you should not expect is mixed information.

It is nothing short of jarring to be told one thing one minute, such as the severity of your alleged case, and then told a different thing the next. It also highlights that the person you are taking the information from may not know what they are doing! So, if you notice mixed information or inconsistent information, look for another fraud representative.

Unprofessional manner

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Nobody wants to go to see a solicitor and feel rushed, spoken over and ignored. After all, that’s just bad manners, to begin with!

Your solicitor should aim to greet you with enthusiasm and professionalism and ask you relevant questions about your case. If they don’t, or they seem busy and uninterested, then this is unlikely to change. So, time to meet with someone else, and pronto!

No empathy

There is a difference between the empathy you would expect to get when going to therapy and the empathy you would get when going to see a doctor. But, there is a foundation of trust that needs to be built when you are seeking legal advice. And so, you should aim to look for signs of empathy with your solicitor. And there is a difference between professionalism and not showing empathy too. Do they listen to what you say? Do they seem interested? If they are acting dismissively and not showing you any compassion, then it’s time to move on to the next one on your list.

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