Road to Divorce: Are You Headed to One?

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Chris Pratt recently got married to Katherine Schwarzenegger but once upon a time, the world was left heartbroken when he and then-wife Anna Farris announced that they were divorcing. Step Up stars Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan also has the same fate despite being married for almost a decade.

No one is immune to the reality of divorce. An average Joe’s divorce might not be as colorful as that of celebrities, but it is as challenging. While no divorce is similar, couples who part ways often find common denominators that led them to such decisions. Before hiring a reputable divorce lawyer in Utah County to help you with your situation, make sure your marriage is really headed towards that direction.

Below are some of the most common signs your marriage could end up in a divorce:

Unresolved problems

It is common for every relationship to have problems. Even friendships have their share of ups and downs. What is uncommon, however, is to leave problems unresolved. This will almost definitely bring your relationship down. Many couples do this in hopes of avoiding conflict, but only end up doing more harm than good to their relationship.

Outgrowing each other

People grow. Needs change. Love evolves. But in some cases, such growth means going in a different direction than that of your spouse. Changing needs means not needing your partner’s presence and an evolving love is not always toward your spouse. People change and sometimes, a simple thing as outgrowing each other is enough reason to head to divorce.

Lack of respect

Marriage work because of three components, love, trust, and respect. Often times, love and trust are the first to go. It is possible for couples who have lost these two components to still maintain a relationship with each other, especially if they have children. However, if respect is absent, it is virtually impossible for two individuals to be civil with each other. Once a feeling of contempt and hatred towards each other is present, going separate ways is often seen as the most feasible solution.

Lack or absence of physical intimacy

Sad wife looking at her ring after fight with husbandPhysical intimacy is a foundation of marriage. If one of both people in a relationship do not desire the other or is already finding such intimacy from other people, then it is almost always a sure hint that divorce is on the way.

You just want out

Remember how happy you were on your wedding day? Do you still feel the same or do you feel miserable being in a relationship where respect is not even present? Regardless of how short or long one is married, the desire to be with the other person should be present in order to make it work. However, if one or both spouses feel the need to break away and simply wants out of the relationship, it almost always leads to divorce.

Are you experiencing some or all of these factors? If so, then you need to think about the future and get all the help you need. Divorce is a challenging chapter in a person’s life. However, it is a necessary one, especially if your happiness, health, and safety are at stake.

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