The Ability to Protect Yourself from Harm or Trouble


Everybody has gotten involved in a bad situation, one way or another. Sometimes, people do not know what to do and how to react to a situation that they are not familiar with. Being clueless about a situation could lead to abuse or even worse, property loss. An individual must know his rights and should not be easily manipulated by those around him. People should know how to protect themselves, not only physically but legally as well.

There are many ways to help one’s self to learn their rights and could seek assistance from licensed individuals. For example, Toby Landau, a barrister that has broad experience in commercial and international practices for commercial, interstate, and investor-state arbitration. A professional counsel like him could effectively assist someone in court.

There are many ways to protect one’s self from any legal situation and there are also ways to protect one’s self to prevent such manipulation and abuse from others. However, everybody needs to know the things they have to protect themselves from. People will need to protect themselves from crime and violence but other factors should be considered and be aware of.

Here are some ideas and tips for you:


There has been tons of information passed on through mainstream media, social media, and newspapers. However, everybody should be mindful of false information. With the fast technology and distribution of information today, together with an almost accurate presentation, everyone can be deceived by fake news or fake information. People should understand that not every piece of information is true. They may be accurate at some point, but they may be incomplete and it could still lead to misinformation.

Everybody should always practice how to spot fake news from genuine sources. People should also learn the proper laws to know how they could defend themselves if their reputation is on the line. There are certain laws that a person could file if in case there is legal action necessary. People could file libel suits if there is false information,  written or published defamatory statements. Slander if it was spoken by a defendant.



This is not just about domestic violence. This is also to protect people from verbal abuse that leads to psychological and emotional abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, discriminatory abuse, modern slavery and even neglect could be part of an abusive situation.  These types of abuses can be avoided by being aware of the situation. It is the ability to see these situations coming and how to react to them to protect yourself from these situations.

Abuse may not be obvious, especially the way people treat the victim. It starts through verbal abuse with an indirect approach. However, with awareness, a person could simply avoid being abused by simply walking away. But if all else fails, everybody could file a case, depending on what type of abuse has been made.

Identity theft

Identity theft has been a problem, especially in the U.S., as many individuals have become a victim of this crime. The crime of identity theft is when someone is using another person’s identity, government records, telephone numbers, credit card details, all for financial achievement. Some criminals are hard to identify and most of the time they are hackers that steal information from corporations and well-known individuals.

The best way to protect yourself from this crime is to freeze your credit, make sure to have a secured social security number and be aware of emails that may contain phishing information. People could also make use of strong passwords and keep them secure at all times. Then seek legal assistance if there are potential breaches in security.

Avoid unnecessary words and actions

One of the most proven ways to protect yourself is to have self-control. Everybody would admit that some situations go out of control, and they are driven by emotions. Being too careless in trouble could backfire the situation to you. Everybody should learn to analyze and look at the gravity of the situation. Anything that a person could say might be taken against him in a court of law.

Learn to control and simply do not speak or take any action. People should learn to protect themselves, not only from others but their own. Sometimes the best defense is to run away. Being the one attacked could lead to anybody’s advantage and could file an assault case against the defendant.

These are some things that could lead to bad situations and being aware of the laws provided by society is a lot of help to keep anyone protected. This is the main reason why the court of law has been created, to give justice to those who are abused and persecuted. Always be aware of these situations and become knowledgeable of what to do to keep yourselves and your family from harm.

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