Preventing the Possibility of a Vehicular Accident

vehicular accident

Sometimes, if people are too busy, they tend to forget about the things they need to remember before hitting the road. This leads to vehicular or road accidents. Based on the Association for Safe International Road Travel, the annual road crash statistics reach about 1.35 million road accidents per year. It means that about more than 3,000 lives are lost on the road each day.

That is a big number and should be taken seriously. But how do people prevent road accidents? Everybody can prevent an accident from happening with the right actions and choices to make. It is always taught about safe driving and how a person should act and focus when he is on the wheel, but it is not just about safe driving and the right attitude on the road.

There are some ways that people could do and with the right amount of preparation, everybody could prevent a road accident. Airmen or people who work in the aviation industry have a precautionary process they call “Preventive Aircraft Maintenance”. This involves maintaining all necessary parts that could fail and lead to an aircraft accident, both on the ground and air. The practice of this preventive maintenance can also be applied in vehicles. Here are some ways that people could do to prevent a vehicular accident.

Always check the tires if there is enough air

Checking your tires from time to time could put you to safety. This is one way to prevent road accidents, especially if the vehicle is already running at top speed. A flat tire could always create a problem and could lead to imbalance. Once a vehicle is no longer in its right momentum, anything could happen and could lead to an accident. It may not be the driver but it could be the people waiting on the sidewalk that could be the victim of the accident.

Always check the tires if there is enough air or if there is too much air as well. Running 120 miles per hour could lead to a tire explosion if there is too much air in your tires. A driver must check the tires before leaving the premises.

Clean up your windshield

Cleaning up a windshield may sound common but one of the causes that a car could get into trouble is poor windshields. A few specks of dust will not create a problem but leaving the windshield uncleaned for a time, will put the visual quality of your car. This could also lead to unseen animals passing by and cause trouble. Worse, if it is at night and could not see people passing by the crossing, then that is a certain accident.

car headlights

Check all the lights

One of the best practices a driver could do is always check the lights. Make sure that headlights, taillights, and signal lights are all working to avoid confusion from other drivers, especially at night. This also prevents the driver from having trouble seeing the front view during rainy days and also become invisible to others during nighttime. This also avoids being pulled over by the police for not doing the right signal.

Be aware of vibrations and sounds

Drivers would always know if something is going on with their vehicles. They would feel different if there is any vibration or an extra sound in the car. Do not take it for granted. An extra vibration or unfamiliar sound could mean that there is probably a wiggling tire or a piston engine is no longer in place. The transmission could be out of grease or the exhaust manifold could be in jeopardy. Anything is a possible reason why it felt or sound different and those things need to be checked before it is too late.

Do not overload

Everybody knows that every vehicle has a maximum capacity. The only rule is to follow the limit to prevent an accident. An overloaded car could result to break failures and could lead to a car crash. Always follow the maximum limit to prevent any problems.

Check the weather

Before leaving the house, always look up and see if the weather is safe. Some drivers would still pursue driving into a blizzard without realizing that it is trouble they are after. Let the storm pass and let the skies clear out before continue driving. If you are already on the road, pull over to a safe and clear area and wait for the rain to subside. This also keeps drivers from putting other people at risk.

There are still instances that accidents happen, even if a driver exhausted all his efforts to prevent them. However, you could always get help from an experienced auto accident lawyer.

An accident is something that is unintentional and could happen anytime or unexpectedly. Therefore, it is hard to know when it will come. It may not be from your own accord, but from causes created by others and it involves the element of surprise. Just remember that prevention is a better option and to avoid an accident, it is always best to be prepared.

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