What To Do If a Car Hits a Pedestrian: Know the Consequences and Prevention

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  • Hitting pedestrian with car can be considered a felony if the driver flees the scene.
  • If you hit a person with car, stop, exit the vehicle, and offer help.
  • I hit someone with my car and they walked away” is not a reason to keep driving as if nothing happened.
  • Pedestrians involved in car accidents can take legal action for restitution.

Unfortunately, pedestrian death in the U.S. is on the rise. According to the latest 2022 statistics , 7,508 people have been struck and killed by cars. Traffic accidents implicating pedestrians can result in serious injuries, even death.

In most cases, the drivers are attributed to the blame , but in some instances, the pedestrians are at fault, too . This article discusses the consequences of a car hit pedestrian scenario, and what precautionary measures pedestrians should take.

How and Why Do Car-Pedestrian Accidents Happen?


Sadly, there are many reasons why pedestrians get struck by vehicles. Most commonly, these accidents happen because drivers aren’t paying much attention to the road . They use their phones while driving , speeding, running a red light, etc. Intoxicated drivers are most commonly the most reckless participants in traffic.

Additionally, environmental factors also make people’s driving reckless. Some of these include the following:

  • low visibility
  • poor weather conditions
  • road conditions
  • the whole road infrastructure

Hitting a pedestrian with a car by accident can be a troubling time for both parties, whether physical damage or emotional trauma is involved.

What are the Legal Considerations for Both Drivers and Pedestrians after an Accident?

The legal aspect is always present in vehicle and pedestrian accidents, especially if there is a violation of the law. After a car hit pedestrian accident, the driver might face criminal charges , on top of being held liable for the pedestrian’s injuries . In short, drivers who hit pedestrians can face both civil and criminal charges.

The severity of the consequences depends on how the accident happened. For instance, criminal penalties might include imprisonment , restitution , suspending the driver of their license, and fines .

If you hit a pedestrian, should your car be damaged? Well, not in all cases. Sometimes, you might strike a pedestrian severely without damaging your vehicle. In some instances, both pedestrians and drivers can be at fault . For example, if a car is driving above the speed limit and a pedestrian jaywalks , both violate traffic laws and will be held responsible.

What are the Consequences of Hit-and-Run Accidents, and How Can They Be Dealt With?


Each U.S. state compels drivers to stop at a scene of a car accident they were a part of. They must also provide proof of identification and extend their assistance in calling 911. Drivers who will not stop after hitting a pedestrian risk criminal prosecution for a hit-and-run accident .

The penalties for drivers who do not stop upon an accident and leave the scene, especially if the pedestrian has suffered serious injuries, will be charged with felony and imprisonment .

In case you have been part of a hit-and-run accident, these are the steps to remember:

  • Check yourself for injuries
  • Call 911
  • Gather information
  • Get in touch with your insurance provider
  • Don’t leave the scene until officials arrive

The consequences might be significantly milder in case you hit pedestrian with car, no injuries are inflicted.

How Can Accident Victims and Their Families Find Support and Resources?

Some people involved in car accidents might take longer to recover, both physically and mentally. In such cases, support groups exist to offer relief. For instance, the Crash Support Network supports MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) survivors. Additionally, there’s Road Peace , a national charity dedicated to helping road crash victims.

Safety Tips for Pedestrians: Reducing the Risk of Accidents

There are many ways to stay safe on the streets. If we follow the road’s rules and regulations, we will live in a much safer place.

  • Don’t suppose an oncoming driver has seen you crossing the street;
  • Always use the sidewalks when available;
  • If there are no sidewalks, stay on the shoulder of the road and face oncoming traffic;
  • Always be attentive (don’t stare at your phone crossing or walking the street);
  • Avoid walking in blind spots, etc.

Safety Tips for Drivers: Preventing Car-Pedestrian Accidents


A good driver is an alert driver. Always remember your driving habits might endanger pedestrians in seconds.

  • Follow all traffic rules and laws
  • Always be cautious
  • Don’t give in to distractions
  • Mind the safety signs and signals
  • Watch for pedestrians at parking lots, driveways, intersections and crosswalks
  • Never drive above the speed limit
  • Always be prepared to stop at a moment’s notice


Whether you are a driver or pedestrian, road safety should be at the top of the list. However, accidents can happen in the nick of time, but what we do next is what matters. If you’re involved in a car accident hitting a pedestrian, the humane thing to do is to stop at the scene , exit the vehicle and see if the person you struck needs help . Call 911, get all the necessary info, and wait for the officials to arrive.

Once you get racing thoughts like “ I hit someone with my car! ” don’t panic! Stay on the scene and remain calm. Knowing how to deal with a car accident saves you time and peace of mind.


What can happen when you get hit by a car?

You can suffer internal injuries like fractures of the ribs, bleeding (including brain bleeds), rib fractures, rupture to the spleen, puncture to the lungs, and more serious consequences.

What to do if someone got hit by a car?

Ask for their name and call 911 immediately.

What are the injuries in pedestrian accidents?

Most commonly, pedestrians struck by cars can suffer soft tissue damage, bone fractures, broken bones, etc.

What is the most common injury for pedestrians?

Broken or fractured forearms, strains and lacerations are the most common injuries pedestrians suffer after a car strikes them.

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